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I'm Ashith Wilson, a passionate site reliability engineer, backend engineer, and a DevOps guy. I'm a computer science engineer who loves to work at scale and presently doing some awesome stuff at Cloudera.

Have a look at my blog, skills or just connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm always excited to do business with like minded people, let's discuss over coffee. 😊

Here goes most of what I have worked with.

#Kubernetes #Python #bash #Terraform #Chef #Nagios #git #Jenkins #ELK #Nginx #Cloudflare #AWS #GCP #DigitalOcean

How I spend my free time?

Webinar on how Internet works

Webinar on basic concepts of scaling

A talk on how internet works and basics of scaling for college students.



A code pipeline out of python and bash to automate common webhosting tasks like log collecting and parsing.



An E-commerce store out of Woocommerce and Wordpress. Dockerised internals and caching for scalability.


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Best 5 websites that made me a DevOps engineer 😎

One of the best ways to increase the productivity of a software developer is to automate any manual or repetitive task. In this article, I will show...

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Why use LETS approach whyile setting up monitoring 🤔

Monitoring and logging is one of the most important aspect when it comes to the day to day...

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Why cloud is not the future! 🤔

Well, it sure looks like a click bait. But, give me some time to convince why trusting a single cloud...

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I am always excited to work on some awesome projects, drop me an email and let's discuss over coffee. 😊

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